how it works


Using vacuum pressure, AntrumX continuously pulls air from each room to the main control panel.


The air from each room is sampled every 15 minutes by the digital sensors, and then exhausted outside.


IAQ data is securely stored on the cloud. Access readings and detailed reports on your computer or phone.

AntrumX™ samples air in a centrally located panel, substantially reducing maintenance costs while providing you with data you need to optimize ventilation, resulting in energy savings and improved Indoor Air Quality.

AntrumEYE™ continuously monitors IAQ, creating a profile of the indoor air environment and analyzing the data to deliver proactive reports that identify trends and rectify problem areas, leading to more effective air quality management.

AntrumX solves the maintenance and accessibility issues associated with standard DCV systems, extending equipment life, and optimizing energy without sacrificing IAQ.

6%: 1 sensor module for every 16 rooms
Single Point of Service: Up to 32 rooms from a single location
IAQ Monitoring: CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, RH
No Moving Parts: Ease of maintenance, sustainable for the life of the building
AntrumEYE: Store, trend, analyze and report. Anytime. Anywhere.