Demand Control Ventilation simplified. Save on energy costs without compromising Indoor Air Quality.

AntrumX revolutionizes demand control ventilation using 6% of the sensors of a typical CO2 system, while also monitoring and reporting Indoor Air Quality through a user-friendly mobile dashboard.

Investing in the Future

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of how to ensure building and occupant health has never been more pressing. At Antrum, we know that the science behind Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is always evolving. That’s why we’ve designed AntrumX on a scalable platform, so that as the science of Indoor Air Quality and what constitutes a WELL building evolves, our customers can too.

Investing in You

Indoor Air Quality has been proven to impact occupant health, productivity, and happiness. Real-time demand control ventilation conserves energy. At Antrum, we understand that healthy buildings make for healthy people. We supply the data you need to optimize your building’s ventilation. For the sake of efficiency, for the sake of your bottom line, for the sake of the people who breathe there.

Here’s How it Works:

AntrumX samples air in a centrally located panel, substantially reducing maintenance costs while providing the BMS with the data it needs to optimize ventilation, resulting in significant energy savings and an overall better indoor environment.

AntrumEYE continuously monitors IAQ, creating a profile of the indoor air environment and analyzing the data to deliver proactive reports that identify trends and rectify problem areas, leading to more effective air quality management.